Certifiable Railway Trackworker Individual Protection (CertiPro)

The European Space Agency (ESA) has kicked off the CertiPro railway demonstration project under ESA Space Solution umbrella in the ESA Business Application programme. In this truly European project, an innovative railway track worker protection system will be evaluated for its reliability and its ability to enhance the saftey of railway track workers. The goal is to demonstrate the safety capabilities of the track worker protection system in a real environment, integrated into the challenging infrastructure of a railway operator in Italy. A formal procedure will be followed allowing certification according to the relevant standards later on. The international project team consists of partners from France (Airbus DS SLC), Germany (Intelligence on Wheels GmbH, ETC-Gauff Solutions GmbH, BERNS Engineers GmbH), Italy (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti Genova S.p.A) and Switzerland (CertX AG).

ESA Space Solutions aims at reaching commercial exploitation of space assets, data and capabilities addressing incubation, proving technical feasibility and business development. This includes the development of operational services for a wide range of users through the combination of different systems, and support in creating viable companies as well as to existing companies.

CertiPro Announcement © Andrea Martinelli© Andrea Martinelli

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